Tips For Helping Your Child Dress For Kindergarten Success And Comfort

Posted on: 11 July 2017

If your first child is getting ready to start kindergarten this fall, then it is important that you purchase their new school clothing with an eye towards both their comfort and their educational success. While you may be tempted to purchase clothing that is trendy and unique, you should instead stick to classic items that are comfortable and appropriate for a school environment. To help you select appropriate items for your child's new kindergarten wardrobe, here are some helpful tips:

Tip: Make Sure Your Child Can Independently Put on Each Clothing Item They Wear to School

Since there will be many children in class with your child, it is important they can dress and re-dress themselves in every clothing item they wear to school. For example, if your child cannot raise and lower a zipper independently, then their pants and jackets should not have zippers. If they cannot tie their shoes yet, then they should wear shoes to school that have velcro closures. This will ensure that the teacher spends their time teaching your child, rather than helping your child get dressed.

Tip: Dress Your Child in Layers for All-Weather Comfort

While you may be tempted to send your child to kindergarten in a sweater when the weather is cold outside, it is always better to dress them in layers instead. Just as you get hot in your office when the heater is cranked up at work, your child will also get too hot sometimes while you're stuck indoors. Dressing your child in layers allows them the ability to take off top layers and feel more comfortable in class. It is hard to learn when you are uncomfortable, so dressing for maximum comfort is always advised.

Tip: Check the School's Dress Code Before You Go Shopping

Before you head out to the mall with your child, first you should take a look at their school's published dress code. Some schools have unique rules about what can and cannot be worn to school, so it's always best to know these rules before you shop. For example, in intercity areas with lots of local gang activity, schools often restrict the wearing of local gang colors for safety purposes.

Tip: Label All of Your Child's Clothing with Their Name

Finally, you should expect that jackets and other clothing you send to your child's school may end up in the lost-and-found bin. If you take a moment to write your child's name on each clothing item you send to school, then the items will be returned to you.

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