Help Your Child Excel With A Smaller Class Size

Posted on: 4 October 2017

One of the many advantages of a private school education is access to smaller class sizes. Not only do your children have an easier time connecting with their peers and their instructor in this situation, but smaller sizes can introduce a number of additional benefits that will travel with your child from their younger years throughout life. Here are just some of them. 

Increased Confidence

Self-confidence, or a lack thereof, is an issue that effects people at every age, including younger children. For some children, the idea of a large classroom filled with different students is overwhelming. This is especially the case if the student is called upon or asked to speak in front of the other students.

With a private education, your child will have a smaller, more close-knit group of students that may be less intimidating. The confidence gained in the classroom will prove helpful in other areas of their life as well. 

Personalized Learning

A huge challenge in larger classrooms is the ability to meet each student where they are. If there are 30 children in a classroom and 90% of the class is ready to move ahead to the next lesson, there is a significant chance that the leftover 10% will be left behind.

Since many of the concepts learned are in a ladder-style, difficulties in one lesson will often continue in subsequent lessons. With a smaller size, the instructor has more freedom to give each student the individual attention they need to stay on course with the rest of the class and excel individually. 

Target Weakness and Strengths

All students have areas of weakness and strengths. Being able to identify areas of concern early on can help set a child up for a better future and highlight strengths, which help them know where they'll excel most. Once again, in a larger class setting, it is sometimes more challenging for an instructor to clearly spot these areas due to the sheer number of students in the classroom.

However, in a smaller class setting, the instructor gets a more personalized relationship with each student. This closer relationship can actually make it easier for them to identify any areas where they need to focus your attention to. This isn't just helpful for the child's educational journey, but it can also be helpful from a parenting perspective.

These represent just some of the advantages a private preschool education can afford your child. Make sure you aren't overlooking the benefits. Click here to read more.